Do I uninstall Norton Antivirus if I download a free 30 day Norton Antivirus trial version? I have a Norton Antivirus 2006 preinstalled in my laptop but its out of date. Would want to try the 30 day free trial version offered in Yahoo downloads.

Ricky the Kid replied: "although in most cases reinstalling a newer version of NAV will simply overwrite your existing application, it is highly recommended that you uninstall your current version to clear up any registry information and previous registration code from your previous version."

Carella replied: "Rather than install a 30 day trial version, then having to either buy the product afterwards, why don’t you use a really good and free anti virus?

I used Norton for 6 years and since I’ve stopped using it, my computer is a lot faster as Norton is a well known resource hog and slows your system down.

For good, free and recommended security programs, please go here

I recommend AVG as an anti virus, although eTrust’s 12 month free trial is excellent (I’m using it and am extremely impressed).
If you need other programs, go for Zone Alarm firewall, AVG anti spyware (formerly Ewido) and SpywareBlaster.

If you click on the names in that list I gave you and it will take you to the official download site.

Please ensure that you keep them all updated for full protection and check for any updates when you first download them."

babe19 replied: "you dont want to pay for it uninstall it in safemode login remove nortons then restart pc and download free avg anti virus 7.1
free to download free to use"

Gino A replied: "most likely you will have to go back to the website for norton and they will have the uninstall there. same with mcafee. there is no uninstall on the pc like most programs you have to dl it and run it to uninstall it. just one more step to try to get you to keep it."

818 Papi replied: "Norton products are junk, nothing but bloatware."

NANCY P replied: "uninstall and forget the 30 free days. find somthing better"

babbi replied: "you must unistall old version ,then clean registery(by search in registery with name of norton and symantec) then search in your laptop to delete any file with 2name name of above;
now you can download new version of norton
but norton is not good!
you can get kasperesky or nod32 those are simple and don’t use alot memory."

Vicki R replied: "I’ve heard snarly things about Norton. I bought and paid for Nod32 and I have no complaints. Someone once said if it’s free and cheap it probably is… cheap!
Vicki R"

Sharif Aly replied: "Norton anti virus is a bad one… Almost 2 famous are Mcafee and Norton but they slow down your PC.

In case you need t o uninstall it it’s comes with uninstaller, first disable the anti virus from scanning your PC.

Then go to start menu, programs, directory of the Norton anti virus and then click uninstall…

If you can’t then go to control panel / add/remove progra and then choose Norton anti virus or Norton Security center.

If you cant find it to do uninstall. Use any uninstaller software third party software, like uninstaller 2006

Recommend software for antivirus and security suite is the following:
Clamwin (Free)
And this one is good
But you should not use only Antivirus you should use the full package of internet security for your pc to be secured and safe.
I mean with security suite a package of software Containing :
Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Antiphishing, Antispam and Parental Control
but it’s OK if you use Multiple programs but you have to mention it all."

microchipper replied: "norton antivirus is not good in fact i think it is a miracle people still buy it. PANDA ALL THE WAY"

I need link to McAfee and Norton Antivirus latest edition 30-day trial version. ( FREE DOWNLOAD )? I need link to McAfee and Norton Antivirus latest edition 30-day trial version. ( FREE DOWNLOAD )

Frank N. Stein replied: "Just use Avast or Avira. Way better detection rates and they are completely free, no trial. for both."

mick f replied: "it is called google .com —or go to each one and look for free trial"

Corei7 replied: "Go to


Thoes are free download."

Ruben D replied: "yeah avast or avira are the top 2 antiviruses on my list. AVG used to be till they decided to slowly kill their free version."

Shane L replied: "You can download Mcafee and Norton antivirus from the following links:–

Danush K replied: "Here is link to download full versions

Pls pls choose best answer."

Is there any free anitvirus software downloads with a trial longer than 30 days? Ive looked everywhere on the internet to dowload antivirus protection, I had a free 6 month subscription to Norton but that expired, and now it seems that all the free trials are only about 30 days, is there a website where you can download protection for longer than 30 days?

Vinod Sahani replied: "You can try AVG its free"

stupid_jupiter replied: "

Works great and it’s free. Updates everyday too!"

randbj41811 replied: "Hi also there is even though they explain that it’s for people who were/are in the military, but just check anything and download the antivirus which would cost like $20 for others."

rony d replied: "Sorry, i don’t know if any commercial antivirus gives free trial for like more than a month.

But u can surely try free ones like:


2. AVG"

Axiz replied: "spybot search and destroy, or if u have an msn subscrition u can download mcaffe firewall and antivirus plus spysweeper for free"

uponthis1 replied: "go here and read and download young padawon! "

*ButterFlyAngel* replied: "There is a list of free programs at this site

I use Ca Anti-Virus (Free 1 year)"

VIKD replied: "I can give a few links that offer free virus and spyware removers…!You may be having a virus or spyware installed on your PC. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and"

can somebody help me download the norton antivirus? i have been trying to download it. it free and all for the 30 day trial but after those 30 days they will charge me. im looking for the 30-60 day FREE trial where they wont charge after.
please help me out, i have a lot of errors in my laptop

Joe replied: "i have 3 words DONT DO IT , norton is not very good , go for Avast or AVG also download Malwarebytes anti-malware and superantispyware , these are all free and work great"

Vijay replied: "uninstall it then again install it from here-"

Which is better, norton antivirus 2003, or AVG free edtion 7.5??? I am currently using AVG free edition 7.5!

i have the CD for norton antivirus 2003, i know its not that good

but its still sitting in my computer case..thingee majig…

all i wanna know is, should i get back to norton antivirus 2003??

or am i fine with AVG Free edition 7.5!!!

Just tell me if i should go back…i dont wanna go back with norton antivirus 2003, if it was 2005/2006, then heck yeah!!!
but i dont have that kind, i have "2003"

and another thing, its not easy finding AVG professional!!

i did download the torrent for it, i think it was mininova…

and it didnt work, it did work, but there was some error message…i forgot what it meant…

if you know any site that i can download the professional version of AVG, i would be very happy, i know its not easy
sure its easy to download the trialware, but who needs the trial, use it for 30 days, and it expires, i hate that…

send me any link or URL to where i can download the professinal version of AVG…

kris replied: "avg"

balaj replied: "avg…"

Kat replied: "My mom has norton antivirus 2003, and I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a virus."

Masood replied: "You should be fine with AVG, its free and updates regularly. Norton slows the computer down and gives problems when you try to shut down the computer."

★Greed★ replied: "If you need to pay – sophos.

AVG in low priority mode costs far less CPU cycles than Norton — so crashes less often."

Jakefeatherston2002 replied: "AVG would be better than 2003, i would recommend that you just go buy Norton 2007 and that would be the best option…but if you can’t afford it AVG is good enough.

here the link to AVG you asked for

redhead746 replied: "I use AVG. Have not had any problems.

Stick with what works"

geekbully replied: "Norton would be better since if you get it, then it would be the full version. AVG free is a decent program but stops operating after you discontinue it from windows startup. Norton offers more scope in scanning also, and more frequent updates. If you go to a local electronics store, they usually have a $30 Norton 2007 Professional with a full rebate, that’s where I got mine. Also, AVG is fine as long as you don’t often go to "bad" websites."

Melanie replied: "stick with Norton…love love love mininova by the way"

poppy1 replied: "Hi Raffi, The version of AVG is a lot better than the Norton. Stick with the AVG.
A Friend.

_Laur replied: "usually on windows everything that is paid for > free stuff.

I also use nav2003 and i never had any virus problems. Also u can get it with Norton System Works and that helps a lot keeping your system clean from slack data.

nav2003 also has very low system usage relative to the other antivir programs. I still don’t want to upgrade to newer versions of norton just because the new versions use more resources. 2004 for example makes startup insanely long. Will have to give 2007 version a try and see how much resources it uses

Still, if u really don’t want to use norton u could use NOD32, seems better than avg, but maybe it’s just my opinion.


anak_indo replied: "of course AVG. im using avg also. you can download it form it’s totally free. just type avg in search bar. after you download, you install it and jsut update the virus database. all totally free…check it out."

fireinthewire replied: "AVG works pretty well."

Comp guy replied: "i’d recommend sticking with avg, for many reasons. first it’s free, u’re not doing any piracy, and furthermore, i’ve tested out norton versions from 2003-2007, and they’ve become real resource hogs. now i’ve shifted to nod32 but i wouldn’t recommend that unless u have sufficient experience with computers. after that avg is about the best. i believe you’ll be able to find a torrent for the prof edition,but my friend uses the free one, and it works fine for him, and is pretty sufficient for most uses."

s j replied: "Go with the AVG. Nortons stinks–uses 3 times the system resources than AVG. Nod32 is good too but not very user-friendly and usually only used by pros. I just got a 2 yr retail version of AVG internet security 7.5 for $30 delivered on Ebay for a customer. Paid for it today and they shipped it today!! Boxed version too and not that online download crap.
Same things $60 at newegg. I build repair and sell puters and people can brag about Nortons all they want but the last anti-virus software you’ll see on a pro’s machine is Nortons!
I reimage computers all the time for people running freebies who didn’t want to spend $15 a year for decent anti-virus protection and it ends up costing them $150 and up."

nbi1025 replied: "Norton came on my computer 2 yrs. ago, but since I prefer the AVG I turned off the Norton. About a year ago I heard there was some problems with Norton. I’ve never had any problems with AVG."

Gabriel B replied: "AVG is free and better."

antivirus protection????????? ok so i had norton free 30 trial and it said antivirus protection was on but my windows said it was off so i downloaded avast free 30 day trial and every thing is on and working now. but when i was looking for the free trials the ones you had to pay for can up and scanned my computer they said i had like 653/ 718 and 455 infections on the 3 scans they ran,scans ran on three different sights !!!then i downloaded avast and did a full scan and it said no threats no virus that everything was good is it possible that the antivirus protection sites that you have to pay for just do that so you will buy them???????do you think avast was accurate when they ran a full scan and everything came back clean or are the other 3 that you must pay for right, even though they gave all different amounts of infections???????please i need help i just got this computer 4 days ago and dont want something to mess up with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasper replied: "I use a layered approach, Use free avast, it is no. 1
Use malwarebytes’ antimalware, it is free
Use superantispyware, it is free.

If your av misses anything, and it will , cause none are at a 100 % detection rate. The mbam and sas will get it.

But, the best thing to also use is sandboxie , that way nothing gets on your hard drive. ~"

doc_up72 replied: "do yourself a favor and get the paid version of Malwarebytes, and pay the extra 6 dollars for 2 years of extra downloads in case you need to redownload for some reason. Thats 2 yrs worth or great protection for about 35 bucks. free avast is decent.
good luck
then add a firewall you can get free too ashampoo’s isn’t bad. zonelab isn’t bad either"

David N replied: "Avast and AVG both have good free versions. No one AV is perfect. If you haven’t uninstalled Norton, you need to before you install another AV. Their uninstaller is free.

There are some nasty fake AV’s out their. Antivirus Pro 2010 is one. You shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer to surf the web. Use Firefox and NoScript addon. It will block the fake AV from running and installing itself on you computer.

Download and run Malwarebytes to check your computer if you aren’t sure. It’s free and it will get rid of the fake antivirus programs.

If you want to check a file online before opening it go to Jotti’s online scan and upload it. Jotti runs files past 20 different AV vendors. If even one says it’s bad, trash the file."

Nunitak replied: "Remove the "Free" stuff you have.

Use the Uninstall feature in the program folder for Norton or Avast on the menu or if there is not one there go to Control Panel, Uninstall a Program. Highlight only one at a time and uninstall it. Do this ONLY for Norton and Avast.

Then go to this question and see the Nunitak Answer.

When you have finshed doing as instructed there, install Microsoft Security Essentials for free:

Henceforth, stick to that. Notice it is free."

Ol’grizzler replied: ". I use Avast , I have also got superantispyware and Malwarebytes. I recently changed to Comodo firewall which seems fine and I seem to boot up quicker. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Trojans Hackers etc. I also use Windows Defender from the Microsoft site. It is safe to use two anti-spy products but never use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly. Hope this helps"

Any special instructions for removing Norton Anti virus? I got a free 30 day trial of Norton Anti Virus with a new laptop. I want to install free antivirus software, AVG, spybot and ad-aware, and remove the Norton stuff as it will be disconnected next week anyway.
Any special procedures I should follow? Any problems with having the 3 programs listed above installed together?
I was going to install the other programs before deleting Norton, is that the correct procedure to stay secure?
Thanks everyone, great advice. whats a restore point?

Darthluke replied: "Well, i had norton 30 day trial and downloaded a firewall and the internet never worked until i uninstalled the firewall. But as long as everything works, it is ok. No there should not be any special instructions."

MLM replied: "Shouldn’t have any problems. You can download the programs to your desktop but don’t fully install them until you remove Norton. You may want to use the Norton Removal Tool to make certain that everything is cleared out.

laaabaseball replied: "ok Here’s what you do: First download AVG and AD-Aware to your desktop, but do NOT install it yet. Then disconnect your internet connection (this is to keep you secure). Then go to add/remove programs and uninstall Norton Internet Security, piece by piece (there are several Norton items listed, you will have to uninstall one at a time). Finally, restart your computer and install AVG and AD–aware. Good Luck!!"

TARDIS_Junkie replied: "Delete Norton’s first, otherwise it may rear its ugly head & create conflicts with the other programs. Disconnect your PC from the Internet during this period if you’re particularly worried about it. I use AVG Free, Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE on my own PC, and have experienced zero problems with the combination. Norton’s is notoriously difficult to remove from your PC; Symantec actually hosts a removal program on their website. (In my strictly personal opinion, Norton’s AV is just shy of being a virus itself, in that respect.)

Another security option for you to consider might be ZoneAlarm’s free firewall. It’s actually pretty solid (to the point of irritation, actually :p). The only concern I have with it is that it will prevent your Wii from connecting wirelessly through your PC–and that’s whether it’s active or not. Other than that, it’s saved me a couple of times."

ray_8128 replied: "How to Fully Remove Norton 2004 and newer

Norton anti virus uninstall guidelines!

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool"

Novice_Level_3 replied: "Removal tool for Norton




No Problem

I Also Recommend Spyware Blaster

StillLearning replied: "No – not what I would call correct procedures.

First, I would create a restore point.
Then, uninstall Norton.
Go to the Norton website and download their uninstall tool. Hopefully this will remove all remnants of the program.
Remove Norton.
Now install new programs, then Restart."

spywaredr replied: "REMOVE PROGRAMS:






!!!please help!!! how do i keep norton and avg??????!?!?!? I had norton antivirus. the subscription ended, but my mom wont let me get rid of it, for some reason. i downloaded avg free, and i know i have a virus, but it wont detect it. i tried downloading the trial for norton, but it wont install unless i get rid of avg. i like avg. how do i get the norton 30 day trial AND keep avg?????? please help!

Don replied: "to remove it from start up click on the following start/run type in msconfig/ok/then click startup/uncheck the the item you want removed/click apply then ok and restart your machine when asked…might work a better thing is online virus scanner"

Wonder replied: "I have to ask. Why do you like AVG if it won’t detect a known virus??? I say de-install it. (I’m not crazy about Norton but it’s better than nothing.)


MacDeac replied: "You don’t want to have 2 antivirus programs running at the same time. If you want to download the trial for Norton and run it, just uninstall AVG, download and install Norton, run your test and then uninstall Norton and re-install AVG. If you do have a virus, AVG should detect it."

Don W replied: "Do not run 2 antivirus at same time, they conflict with each other..

Download, install, update and run the following software:

Watch for and uncheck the Yahoo toolbar install unless you want it.
CCleaner is recommended to clean off the temporary junk before doing scans.

and if still not resolved then please visit one of the following websites to get help cleaning your machine.
(fast repsonse)
( slow response )"

gary b replied: "You didn’t say why you think you have a virus, but if AVG is updated, a full system scan will detect the virus. So maybe you don’t have a virus, you have some other flavor of malware. Use Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot Search & Destroy. They are all free & very strong at cleaning out the nasties in your computer.

• Spybot Search & Destroy -
• SuperAntiSpyware -
• Malwarebytes -

Always update before running a scan

norton is expiring….? hi
30 day free trial of my norton antivirus 2010 is expiring…
need to find some other one..before it expires..
please advise any other free version antivirus that is a good as norton 2010..
i have already used mcafee…

liketolisten replied: "try avira or avast, both free" replied: "You can get free versions of software but they aren’t as good as the paid for software.

AVG is my chosen preferred AV, they do a free one or you can get a 30day trial of their Internet Security software from here:

Hope that helps."

Trailerpark Pirate replied: "FREE SECURITY SYSTEMS
1.(Comodo Internet Security)
Comodo has put out a great free all in one security suite that’s really sweet!
I’ve tryed all of the major programs paid and free and this one is right up there with the best! It works great right out of the box and has everything you need to protect your computer and private files plus lots of extras like parental control,DNS service,and many more.It’s also pretty lite on the resources.
(Free Tools)

2. (PcTools Internet Security)
PcTools Internet Security is another great all in one suite that has everything you need to stay safe although not as many features as Comodo this one is a (paid) program but I found a way to get it free legally at this site.

3. (Malwarebytes,Superantispyware,Avira)
(Note) These are old school programs but their very effective and reliable!
Malwarebytes and Superantispyware are both on demand scanners and Avira is a scanner/firewall combo,They work well with each other and are lite and effective, although Avira is prone to giving false positives from time to time?

Watch this video that shows how to use these programs to kill malware.


4. "Advanced System Care" is a really good free program that has all kinds of optimizing tools and "IObit Security 360" (Part of ASC) is a really good security system try it out? (Free)

5.TrendMicro has a free online scanner,and other good tools for fighting malware just look in their free tools.

6.Bootable rescue CDs

Stay Safe Out There (^.^)"

BSoD replied: "Norton and mcaffe are both crap.The best free antivirus is Avira and the best paid one ESET nod32"

Shahid Malik replied: "Kaspersky 2009 is the best antivirus solution.But Kaspersky 2010 make system slow."

DaveEC replied: "Not a good idea to switch AV’s every month. You run out rather quickly. Here is a review of the good ones:
I recommend you just start paying for Norton. If you page through this area you will see lots of people fighting viruses that the free ones just let right in."

Rahul Garg replied: "here is something you should not forget
this is a free security software provided from Microsoft. This software was launched just a month back and everybody is expecting a lot from this.

hero no .1 replied: "Only single antivirus cannot help u out in tough situations ,
You need a combination of softwares to help protect ur PC .
Here is the combination that I use
Avast antivirus > Malwarebytes > Super Antispyware > Comodo Firewall .

u can use AVG or Avira FREE in place of Avast , thats ur choice
As Far as avast is concerned , u need to register for free , give them ur email address and they will send u a free licence key for avast (i.e. for 1 year ) and u are entitled to use the software for 1 year !

U can get the above on following addresses –
Avast -
Avira -

Malwarebytes -

SuperAntispyware -

Comodo Firewall -

These apps are all free and work in combo to protect ur PC , and provide rock solid protection against viruses ,and all are free !

Good Luck"

Norton 360 an antivirus program? I wanna download Kaspersky’s 30 day free trial but in the email confirmation or whatever it says i have to uninstall any other antivirus program i have for Kaspersky’s 30 day free trial to work.

alfonsolara91 replied: "I would go with AVG Free =)!"

EagleEye replied: "If you don’t want to pay and wish to keep it, go for AVAST. It’s the closest you’ll find to Kaspersky.
Norton 360 is better than McAffee but they have going downhills for years.
See the reviews and video:"

khaleel – the friend replied: "i will suggest u NOD32
if u don’t want to pay then u can use any one in this two:

avast! Home Edition-…

AVG anti-virus free edition


Xin replied: "Norton 360 v2 is designed to cover all the bases–antivirus, firewall, antiphishing, antispyware, backup, performance issues, and online transaction security–and therefore doesn’t require the maintenance of separate security and utility products.
See the detailed review here:"

Pc replied: "Antivirus 360 is a rogue (fake) anti-malware application.
In order to remove the program it will require you download, install, and update the best antispyware. "